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E-Med Provides Complete Revenue Cycle management services and Practice Management Services for healthcare organizations to enhance practice outcomes. In addition, we offer services to single and multispecialty group practices, specialty practices, Independent practices, hospitals, Emergency care Centers, nursing and home. As a result, it leads to operational efficiency and financial independence.

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About Us

Expert Medical Coders & Billers

E Med, with the mindset of fiduciary-based service, E Med was built with experienced professionals focused on providing efficient and reliable billing outsource options for medical practices.
Experience for Every Practice
Changing Medical Billing companies could mean a headache if the new company is not an expert on the software you and your staff are used to utilizing. E Med team members are knowledgeable in over twenty plus different software.

Accurate, One time and IN TOUCH

Processing claims clean and on time is essential to an efficient run practice.

Errors and delays in claim’s processing can be damaging to cash flow while creating the potential for financial losses. Problems with internal billing can also lead to turnover as well as negative client experiences.

Leveraging our team of professionals can reduce financial risk and potentially save clients from costly overhead and losses.

How can we Assist.

Has over 15 years’ experience of processing claims and oversees a staff of continuously trained professionals.

Provides redundancy and reduces the impact of turnover you might face when losing an in-house billing specialist.

Constantly with our clients to ensure information is flowing to process claims on time and respond to denials quickly.

Is low and so are our fees…which provide you an efficient billing partner.

You reduce your payroll, benefit expenses and office space requirements to support in-house staff