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E-Med Provides Complete Revenue Cycle management services and Practice Management Services for healthcare organizations to enhance practice outcomes. In addition, we offer services to single and multispecialty group practices, specialty practices, Independent practices, hospitals, Emergency care Centers, nursing and home. As a result, it leads to operational efficiency and financial independence.

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Why Outsourcing is Best?

What do medical outsourcing services mean?

The healthcare services are outsourced to several countries that involve proper documentation of a patient’s medical history and specific treatment for outsourced clinical services such as orthopedic services, oncology, disease management, and molecular imaging to the healthcare BPO. When you outsource those services to another country, the workload from the specialists gets reduced. It saves the time of the healthcare experts and helps the patients to get timely treatment. Generally, Medical process outsourcing turns out to be very inexpensive compared to their native countries.

How medical outsourcing canhelpyou?

You can be benefitted by implementing this modern technology in multiple ways! Medical outsourcing can save your money, resources, time, and a lot more. One of the top benefits of outsourcing in healthcare is, healthcare BPO outsourcing firms will take care of computer software, hardware, space, and training, personal onboarding, payroll, and HR communication. Outsourcing is nowadays in trend due to its many advantages. Trusting and involvement of a third party is not the wrong idea because it guarantees confidence and helps you manage your business with its expertise and speedy service. If you are looking for outsourced services then you should look no further as E-Med can be your trusted partner with its expert abilities.

What are themedical outsourcing services?

Medical outsourcing services like healthcare BPOs provide you with a myriad of services such as reaching you to the experts. Let’s see exactly what services does this field offer,


Medical billing services

Billing service is mandatory for operating any practice or department. The efficiency of billing services runs your business forward. If you assign the duty to handle billing services to your employees who already have to fulfill other job responsibilities, they might make mistakes in coding and billing submissions. Medical outsourcing your billing service to a reputed healthcare BPOs reduces the chance of errors, decreases your expense, and streamlines the procedure.

Medical coding services

Coding always demands experience and efficiency. The dedicated and highly trained professionals of a healthcare BPO lead you towards a seamless integration with the software and hardware that you already have.

Medical data entry services:

Now we’ll talk about the greatest aspect of Medical process outsourcing. Medical data entry services unify the entire following list:

  • Medication Records from every provider.
  • Clinical and Healthcare Records from every hospital or clinic
  • Account and Billing Details from every provider.
  • Demographics Entries.
  • Patient Details and Chart Information from doctors, hospitals, clinics.
  • Charge Entries.
  • Hospital Records from every hospital.
  • Handwritten/printed Document Data Entry of all types.
  • Surgical Treatment Records from every provider.
  • Tests or lab Data Records from every lab whether walk-in or hospital.
  • Text and Numeric Data Entry from all sources.
  • Payment Posting.
  • Medical Insurance Claim Forms including primary, secondary, Medicare, or Medicaid ones.
  • Image Record Data Entry of all types.

What are the advantages ofmedical process outsourcing?

Medical outsourcing services maintain and protect your business record perfectly in the digital universe. Not only that, it gives the patients a better experience with splendid medical care, and the helps your business to grow fast. Both patients and staff get highly benefitted by medical outsourcing. Let’s see in which ways outsourcing leverages the healthcare industry.

  1. Focus on patients

When a third-party service provider carries out your time-consuming tasks, your in-house employees get more time to focus on the patients. As a result, the patients get the quality care they deserve. Handing over the redundant tasks and administrative duties lets your team enhance the patient experience.

  1. Cost-effective

Healthcare outsourcing services save your money and lower operational costs. You can utilize the saved money to boost your health care business.

  1. No costly mistakes

We all know how sensitive the healthcare field is! Always you have to deal with sensitive data like patient records and medical information. In addition, navigating the rules and regulations of health insurance accountability and portability can be tough from time to time. Medical process outsourcing ensures meeting all the guidelines and helps you to stay updated on new rules and regulations so that you can avoid costly billing issues.

  1. Access to specialists

You can add value to your in-house team and business with the right Healthcare outsourcing services. It gives you access to industry experts who are efficient enough to handle all types of data and save your money and time.

  1. Grow your offerings

By outsourcing certain tasks, you can focus on providing quality care to the patients and developing your business. You will get more time and financial resources to explore new expertise and implement more services.

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